6 Degrees – Game of Blogs

Name of 5 characters are same. Descriptions of these 5 characters are same. They are characters of 3 different stories, not written by 3 different fiction writers but by 3 different teams of bloggers. Location of these stories is one – Mumbai. Is it case of plagiarism? Oh no! All this is in one book, yes one book.

“6 Degrees – Game of Blogs” is a collection of 3 fictions written by three teams and have 3 different dimension of fiction writing. All three stories have suspense and thrill. Each story has about 30,000 words spanning more than 120 pages.

Bloggers participated in a blogging event called “Game of Blogs” organised by BlogAdda. Descriptions of Five character and a few other details were shared. The bloggers were put into teams of 8-10, and each team must come up with a story. 10 days to come up with 10 episodes. The best teams move forward to the next round. 3 rounds of this game of blogs were not a simple fun but a hard competition. 300 bloggers from 30 locations participated. One this is most common – the collaborative spirit. After 3 rounds, 3 teams emerged as winners and those stories were published into a book – 6 Degrees – Game of Blogs.

The Awakening

This is a science fiction where mythology is used to carry fiction forward. This makes approach different but lovable mix of myths, science, family, and thrill – for we Indians. A closely knit family of three was living a happy life in Mumbai. Two guests appear from nowhere. Page by page new mysteries reveals themselves. Humanity came into danger and need urgent intervention from some sort of superpower.  Though, readers assume the climax well before, how events turn up is real fun.

Entangled Lives

This is a murder mystery with lot of drama and doubts.  A loosely knit happy family of three with one maid suddenly face murder in the house in presence of two strangers. No one knows the criminal. Police investigations legally ended up with a confession which creates doubt in mind of investigating officer. But, mystery never solved legally. This is strongly built and best story in the book.

Missing – a journey within

A daughter of happy family goes missing. A son of another happy family leaved the hope and home. Fortune bring them to same point of time and place to make them friend. This story has well knitted stories of different characters.

This book is a nice collection of collaborative spirit of creative minds to develop same idea into different direction into well knitted, well crafted, well-developed, well written, well-edited, well presented fictions. Language is easy English with few local terms from Mumbai and Delhi. Stories has good and steady pace with required melodrama and suspense.

Book Details

Title: 6 Degrees – Game of Blogs
Authors: 3 teams of bloggers
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing, Mumbai
Publishing year: 2016
Genre: Fiction – Science Fiction, Murder Mystery, Thriller,
ISBN: 978-93-5201-389-0
Binding: paperback
Number of Pages: 422
Price: Rs. 349
This book is available here.

Team of Bloggers:

The Awakening – Team by lines

Anmol Rawat – http://anmolrawat.blogspot.in
Preethi Venugopal – http://tulipsandme.blogspot.in
Saumyaa Verma – http://callitate.blogspot.in
Tina Basu – http://twinklingtinawrites.blogspot.in
Ashutosh Bhandari – http://aybeescorner.blogspot.in
Paresh Godhwani – http://pareshgodhwani.blogspot.in
Prerna Maynil – http://prernamaynil.blogspot.in
Ramanathan P – http://allthreeaces.com

Entangled Lives – Team Potliwale Baba

Shoumik De – http://thesolutionbaba.wordpress.com
Srilakshni I – http://iamstri.wordpress.com
Sneha Bhattacharjee – http://snehabhattacharjee.blogspot.in
Hemant – http://shoooonya.blogspot.in
Shamim Rizwana – http://livelaughlovewithsharu.wordpress.com
Nirav Thakkaer – http://niravthakker.com
Tushar – http://tusharmangl.blogspot.in
Ritu Pandey – http://altruisticgirt.wordpress.com

Missing – A Journey within – Team Tete – a – Ten

Sharon D Souza – http://thekeybunch.com
Oindrila De – http://notallmoonshine.blogspotin
Anupriya Mishra – http://anupriyamishra.com
Vaisakhi Mishra – http://thewordpool.blogspot.in
Tinu Menachary – http://someolfnewstuff.blogspot.in
Gauri Kamath – http://survivaloftheoptimist.blogspot.in
Ritesh Agrawal – http://abookisasexything.com
Aayan Banarjee – http://gyanban.com
Raghu Chaitanya – http://ummwowhuh.blogspot.in

6 Degrees is India’s first book published through collaborative blogging, written completely by bloggers for the Game of Blogs activity at BlogAdda. Know more about Game of Blogs here. You can buy 6 Degrees: Game of Blogs if you liked the review.


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