“Two women whose actions become turning points in this epic are Manthra and Surpanakha. Both emphasized their need over that of the others. When thousands of people have to suffer to satisfy one’s single person’s need (sic), one naturally warrants punishment.”

“Stolen Hope” is sequel to the national bestseller, “Rise of the Sun Prince” and “Shattered Dreams”, in the new spiritual and motivational series “Ramayana – The Game of Life” being written by Shubha Vilas.

The book, being a sequel, narrate story from 11th year of exile into forest of Rama.  This story is not just a story of Rama but this is philosophic tale of everyday life of all of us. We all have some stolen hope in our life and feel loss of our living life. The book reaches us to handle temptation and exploration beyond our comfort zone and give hope in our negativity.

Narrative is very simple compare to minute complex details of story and goes philosophical when philosophy slips into its way. I miss intensified drama and philosophy, which was part of last book but this book offer many less popular mythological stories. Writing style is lucid, crisp and quite engaging. To keep simple uses footnotes to describe backgrounds details, explanations and short takeaway points. The footnotes give deeper insights to each character and situation.  If you try to read it along; then the pace of story is hampered, but surely a reader may not want to ignore.

“Excellence is by-product of persistently choosing quality over quantity.”

I find these words very interesting in many perspectives – environment, female feticide, tribal rights, taxes, protection and  governance:

 “O lord, you are not only the master our heart but also the master of these woods. Just as it is the womb’s duty to protect the fetus, it is the king’s duty to protect its citizens wherever he is. A quarter of the merits of our sacrifice and penances go to the ruler. Our only wealth comes from austerities and penances. The investment needed to grow this wealth is that of total dependence on God. To grow our wealth of austerities, we will no effort to protect ourselves. So the service to protect us totally rest on your shoulders now.”

Book Details:

Title:  Stolen Hope, Book 3,
Series: Ramayana: The Game of Life
Author: Shubha Vilas
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Publication Year: 2016
Genre: Mythology/Religion & philosophy/ self-help
ISBN 13: 978-81-8495-824-9
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 387
Price: Rs 350

About the Author: Shubha Vilas is a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker. He holds a degree in engineering and law with specialization in IP: Patent Law. His leadership seminars such as Secrets of Lasting Relationships’, ‘Soul Curry to Stop Worry’ and ‘Work–Life Balance’ are popular with top-level management in corporate houses. He also helps individuals deal with modern-life situations by applying the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and other dharmic traditions.

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