How Wikipedia Works: Bishakha Datta

विकिपीडिया पर गलत प्रचार और चुनावी प्रयोग हाल में चर्चा में रहे हैं| अच्छी बात ये है कि हर किसी को यहाँ पर “अपना सच” कहने की आजादी है, गलत बात ये है कि लोग “अपनी कल्पना का सच” कह देते हैं| अर्द्ध – सत्य, मधु – सत्य, मसाला सत्य, अन्ध- भक्ति सत्य, वास्तव में सत्य नहीं होते|
काफ़िला पर छपा यह आलेख पठनीय ही नहीं, इसे पढ़ना आवश्यक है|


BISHAKHA DATTA is on the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees. In th ewake of the shocking distortions found in the Wikipedia entry on Bhanwari Devi by an alert reader, Bishakha gives us a tutorial on how Wikipedia works.

1. Wikipedia is the world’s 5th biggest website, visited by almost 500 million readers each month – but created entirely by volunteers. We (meaning the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco/wikimedia chapters in 40 countries) do not pay writers or anyone to contribute to wikipedia; anyone contributing to wikipedia is called an ‘editor’. Currently, there are about 80,000 editors around the world creating wikipedias in 285 languages, of which 20 are Indian languages. To see English wikipedia being created in real time, click this link:

Each line represents a change being made to an article. If you refresh the page, you’ll see how quickly new content keeps getting added.

2. This model of…

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