Book Review: Irrationally Passionate

I started this book with a little disappointment which is still with me. This is a life-size case study by a person but might be written by more than one person. Original writing might be of less than 180 pages and exceeded, might be, due to extra-mile editorial intervention.

These case studies are well narrated sometimes with a pinch of academic details which might not attract a mass reader. Jason does not want to appeal mass readers but certainly to business management guys and more specifically budding entrepreneur skill set. This book is a noticeable happy departure from sales and marketing focused motivational books. Most of the successful consultants present themselves as motivational case studies and Jasson certainly qualify for an effective motivational writer for young corporate leaders. He presents detailed facts inarticulate manner before readers with detailed crips analysis and all possible takeaways. This expresses his habits to doing his home works carefully and craftily to turnaround businesses and own life as well.

I am though not impressed with chess set bargain story in an overly competitive market with no factual need to buy. This story does not suit the persona he creates later. I also disagree with victimhood cards played in earlier chapters. It is where I suppose Jasson is not present in earlier chapters. The book took me on an interesting read thereafter when it enters into the wrong phase of young adult life. This is the turnaround of the book. I can safely skip initial chapters for my subsequent reading except for the manner he generated money for school charity by the calculated sale of pizza. To me, this was his first show of future business leaders.

Apart from business, the autographical account of his early life fighting with wrong habits, well-receiving the training of martial art – Muay Thai and dealing with the harsh reality of life with his that time fiancée are really good to read for general readers.

Jason used a day to day business English however to understand all facts presented it is good to have some understanding of various phases of corporate life. Due to my profession as a legal consultant, company secretary and Insolvency professional, this book is easy going for me but facts may overdose if a reader is not well interested in C-Suits business acumen. However, Jason presented it well for a layman with complete honesty in plain language. I might recommend this book for all my young start-up clients.

The book certainly is not a literary work and not contains flowery narration board rooms. Jason succeeded in writing for his well-targeted audience. The book is not suitable for fast pace single reading though many of us read such books. I recommend a passionate but slow reading particularly in your dreams a c-suit for yourselves.

As the end I will quote Jason: “I’ve found that sometimes the less aggressive you are in selling and promoting yourself, the more people seek you out”. Certainly, this book is a well-calculated move and writing.


Title: Irrationally Passionate

Authors: Jason Kothari

Publisher: HarperBusiness, An imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

Publishing year: 2020

Genre: Non – Fiction, Autography

ISBN:  978-93-5357-265-5

Binding: Hardbound

Number of Pages: 268

Price: Rs. 599/-








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