Employability Mapping System

Unemployment is growing problem world over. This is serious but not seriously debated up to its root causes except employment generation exercises. Unemployment is just a tip of bigger iceberg. One of the foremost causes of unemployment is employability among others. Employability is bigger issue. Employability is a reason not only for unemployment but also for underemployment, slower or no career growth, lower job satisfaction, retrenchment, forced or early retirement, geographical migration, migration from one employment to another so on and so forth.

Our youth face unemployment issue after education but faces employability issue from early childhood if not since broken employment dreams of parents. Yes, issue is serious and start showing its symptoms even twenty-five year in advance. While planning family, potential parents start facing employability of unborn child. This always not starts with parental dreams to make child a certain hero in family, society, or nation. Parents start real life concern of future employability of unborn child or infant at time of planning family. Much migration in Indian, from village to towns and towns to metropolitans find trace in education and skill development facilities. Villagers have houses in nearby small education hubs in accordance with their dreams and plans about education and skill development of children. Employment related migration is secondary migration in life of most Indians.

This is not about development, industry, job creation, education, university, skill development, population growth and poverty one by one but a complex system generated by all them. We are facing scenario where we have more MBA than Management vacancy, Less research scholars than scientists vacancies, less skilled carpenter than market demand, more post-graduate than overall demand.

Digital India is not all about provide some ready-made apps as instant solutions for daily life problems but also about macro level strategic planning of future development of Indian and India. In this post, I propose a long-term digital platform for providing solution for employability by mapping all related issues, variables and derivatives.

Before explaining further, I propose a flow:

  1. Coding of possible employments from unskilled baggers (who save Delhi from Lord Shani) to topmost job possible (with export of talent possibility, keeping tab on brain drain) with different codes for part-time employment possibilities);
  2. Projection of vacancies for these employments for 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 8 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years with half-yearly revisions bases on socio – economic scientific – technical development;
  3. Mapping of skills, minimum and maximum skill education for these employment with yearly revision based on development (like railway coolie need different skills before and after introduction of wheeled baggage and handling requirement of laptops bags);
  4. Special care for multiple skill employment like “medico – legal expert”, and “agricultural – journalists”;
  5. Projection for years for skill development form a fully willing youth to these skills and jobs;
  6. Mapping of skill requirement with educational and skill development facilities across country with focus on minimum possible educational migration;
  7. Inform youth and parents about these projections;
  8. Mapping of target youth for such skill development from early education so that student with high possibility of early going out of education system may offered nearest possible skill at their education stage;
  9. In case any of these skilled student want to pursue further education, immediate revision projection of vacancy as suggested in point 2 above, and facilitate such student in further study/skill development with part time employment possibility in case of willingness;
  10. Focus on employability of students during course of education;
  11. Disallow higher skilled students from lower skilled employment with help of improvement in his higher skill;

This proposal may serve society at many levels and with different user interfaces. Government for planning, Industry/employers for labour force, education institution for offering and drafting of education and skill development courses, student for planning further study and parents for assisting children.

My proposal has certain challenges to identify and to face them. One of the most significant skill force women may opt out of system because of marriage and so called family requirements, we have to bring them back or use their skill at least on part – time basis. We have other demographic factors; marriages of women, premature death or disability of some skilled force, migration from one employment to another, out of system training like children of retailer goes for retailing business without training, misconception about certain employment as unskilled job like rickshaw – puller or transport helper; faulty education system based on mark sheets forcing cheating or short-term memorisation of lessons and many more.

I submit this suggestion for public discussion and improvement. I hope #DigitalIndia (Digital India) is not a slogan. While writing this for a contest, I am inspired by this claim; “Intel is committed towards our government’s vision of a Digital India. Through its ‘Digital Skills for India’ and ‘Innovate for India’ initiatives, Intel has been fostering technology as the enabler for creating a digitized India.”


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